'The Big Bang Theory' Baby Arrives And Her Name Is So Spaced Out

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12/16/2016 08:21 am ET

1 hour ago

Thankfully, this bundle of joy won’t be named Wally Wolowitz.

Howard and Bernadette’s baby on “The Big Bang Theory” arrived to much fanfare on Thursday’s episode, finally giving the gang a chance to adore her and hear her cry hilariously like Howard’s deceased mother.

That’s right ― it’s a girl.

We discover toward the show’s end that after much deliberation, Howard and Bernadette arrived at the perfect name: Halley.

“Like Halley’s comet,” Leonard said.

“Exactly,” Howard responded. “Also like the comet, Bernadette said she’s not going to have sex with me for another 75 years.”

New episodes of the CBS sitcom resume in January.

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