GEAR UP Mississippi College Coaches

GEAR UP Mississippi College Coach ModelTo complement district-level academic support programs, GEAR UP Mississippi has placed 14 College Coaches in its 36 participating high schools. These educators have been assigned regionally to support the implementation of the GEAR UP Mississippi initiative. The College Coach serves as a direct liaison between the Local Educational Agency (LEA) and the GEAR UP Mississippi state office. Through the use of the college coach model, GEAR UP Mississippi continues to provide students, parents, and district/school level staff with extensive opportunities to explore the goals and purpose of GEAR UP. College Coaches are working with students, teachers and families to ensure that students are receiving the necessary tutoring, mentoring and support they need to stay on the path of college readiness. College Coaches have proven to be the missing link for stimulating communication and collaboration amongst GEAR UP Mississippi stakeholders. This model continues to be instrumental in providing the hands-on support for GEAR UP Mississippi students, parents and district staff.

College Coach Assignments for this year