College Tours

Each year, GEAR UP Mississippi students participate in college tours to Mississippi colleges, community/junior colleges and universities.  These college tours are designed to familiarize students with the variety of community/junior colleges, colleges, and universities throughout Mississippi.  Also, students are given a chance to explore the types of academic majors offered by Mississippi’s institutions of higher learning.  College tours provide students with a knowledge of academic majors, financial aid, admission procedures, career opportunities, and promote an understanding of college life.

Information for GEAR UP Mississippi Site Coordinators:  The school level site coordinator has several responsibilities to assure a successful college tour. 

  • First, contact campus recruitment office to inquire about availability.

  • Second, GEAR UP Mississippi Campus Tour Reservation Form must be completed and faxed with a completed Activity Request Form to the GEAR UP Mississippi office prior to forwarding the reservation form to the university or college you plan to visit (at least two weeks before your visit).

  • Fourth, the completed surveys should then be mailed or delivered to the GEAR UP Mississippi office prior to requesting reimbursement.