Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) focuses on 2,000 GEAR UP MS students, emphasizing college preparation through regular meetings, college campus visits and service learning projects.  Selected students from all GEAR UP MS schools receive the opportunity to learn how to better serve and work for the betterment of their schools and communities. The selected YAC students serve as ambassadors to their student bodies.  The (YAC) Council provides an opportunity for students and their parents to discuss concerns about college preparation.

The Youth Advisory Council serves as a tool for developing future leaders. Participants are given many opportunities to increase their leadership skills and represent their school in promoting scholastic standards and college readiness. Students must have a 2.5 Grade Point Average (G.P.A.); exemplify good character; and regularly attend monthly meetings to be considered for membership within the council.

YAC students are selected to attend the annual YAC Leadership Summit, held each fall in conjunction with NCCEP (National Council for Community and Educational Partnerships).  Two student ambassadors are selected from each school to attend in addition to YAC sponsors. Students chosen to attend the conference are among those who exemplify qualities of leadership and provide community service to their schools. The summit provides students with the tools they need to be better leaders and to implement the Council’s goals.

GEAR UP Mississippi supports the implementation of Youth Advisory Councils at all partner schools. To start a new Youth Advisory Council at your school please submit an application to GEAR UP Mississippi office.  The deadline for applications to be submitted to the state office is September 15, 2011.